Small business marketing.
No experience needed.

We’re a small business too. We created PBM to take the mystery out of marketing. Explaining what we do is as important as doing it. PBM delivers branding, digital performance marketing, web development and media strategy that works. Don’t know what any of this is? Book a call and let us break it down for you. Educated clients are the only clients worth having.

How can we help you?

Personal Brands Media is a digital marketing agency in Lantana, Texas focused on helping small businesses understand digital media to get results.”

Branding Strategy

Branding is what makes your business recognizable. What do you do? How do you do it? Why are you different from the business next door? We can walk you through the entire process, from concept to creation, and help you figure out whether you just need a catchy slogan or a full blown brand book to take your business to your next goal

Digital Performance Marketing

The difference between marketing and performance marketing comes down to getting things done. Our marketing philosophy is that if it isn’t getting people in the door or making the registers ring, it isn’t worth doing. We’re focused on business outcomes you can measure.

Web Development

Don’t let anyone tell you creating a website is complicated, expensive and will take forever. It just isn’t. We believe that the right website is a critical part of any marketing plan, so we’ll walk through the process of website creation to get you just what you need to succeed by keeping it simple.

Media Strategy

How do you get on TV or in the paper? Get your products onto the shelves of a chain with 100’s of locations? Creating access and finding opportunities to let people know about your business is a science, not an art. We can open up the world of media to show you how to get your business in the spotlight. We’ll explain, it’s not as hard as it looks and you definitely don’t need an agent.

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“When our clients are successful, we’re successful. We get it, we’re a small business too.”


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