Branding Strategy

Our approach to branding starts with listening. We want to help you make a practical decision and determine what branding means for your business. Because branding can mean a lot of different things. Together we’ll work to determine what branding deliverables are going to help your business. Looking at branding through a practical lens we can decide together what you need, and more importantly what you don’t need. This approach lets us move quickly while developing creative branding that will become the public persona of your business.

Branding Strategy

Who are your clients and how do you speak with them? How do you relate to competitors? Do you have a good product market fit? Where should your brand show up in the world?

Brand Voice and Usage Guide

What language do you use in your communications? What language do you use for specific digital channels like email and social media? What do you call your products and customers? What words do you always use? What words do you never use?

Typography, Logo and Color Design

The visual communication style of your brand. We can help you create everything from a simple text logo, up through a full visual design system that’s usable across the entire digital and print ecosystem.

Brand Book

For businesses that need to communicate their brand broadly, and create brand consistency across employees and contractors, we can develop a full brand book. A brand book is useful for businesses that want to quickly grow and scale, while keeping their core voice and visual communication in-line.

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"It's truly amazing to hear from individuals who have seen me on TV!"

"One of the most incredible accomplishments that Personal Brands Media Group has achieved is creating a branded TV show on the CW33 network. I was blown away by this opportunity, as I never believed it was possible for my brand to have such exposure!"
Nancy Pieper
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