What is Pay-Per-Click Marketing, And Why Should You Care?

You want more visitors clicking on your website? Online traffic in any meaningful number doesn’t happen by chance — you need to take control with SEO and pay-per-click marketing. The more people who visit and learn about what you have to offer, the more opportunities you’ll have for potential customers (LEADS). And your website is the best place to deliver

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Resiliency, Marketing, and Small Business

Lately I’ve been thinking about what the importance of resiliency. This photo was taken of my daughter during the height of lockdown and the pandemic. It always impressed me, how she could still be so carefree, even with a mask on, just rolling with what life threw her. I kept it as it motivates me

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What is social proof, and why should small businesses care?

Social proof is one of the most potent weapons of influence when it comes to marketing. Social proof is, quite simply, the tendency to see an action or behavior as appropriate, if others are doing it as well. Remember in those cheesy sitcoms of the 80’s, with the canned laugh tracks? Saved by the Bell?

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Websites, SEO, and Optimized Marketing

A small businesses’ most important and most neglected asset Here is usually how our meetings with small business owners go: “Oh, we are good on our website, we had a guy build it when we opened. First thing we did!” Me: “Oh, great! So how does your web traffic look? What is the cost of

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