Resiliency, Marketing, and Small Business

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Lately I’ve been thinking about what the importance of resiliency. This photo was taken of my daughter during the height of lockdown and the pandemic. It always impressed me, how she could still be so carefree, even with a mask on, just rolling with what life threw her. I kept it as it motivates me when I start feeling overwhelmed or insecure. I saw so many small business suffer during and right after lockdown, and was living in fear of how many would end up shutting their doors forever. Instead, their attitude and resiliency INSPIRED me, and still does today. Instead of bemoaning the lockdowns, and COVID-19, all they could do was to talk about HOW TO BEGIN AGAIN. In the past few weeks I have had several conversations with potential clients who were dealing with the very issue. I was so utterly impressed at their attitude – especially in regards to marketing. They were ALL IN. It’s scary to spend money when money when it isn’t coming in, or to believe in a strategy that they have never tried. Their commitment was impressive. I feel the weight of their trust, and am doing everything I can to make their businesses a success. Because you see, I too, am ALL IN for them. I am spending the money on the same services and strategies we are recommending for them for our own business venture. I believe in the power of marketing, social media, and the power of advertising. But many small business have wasted money on half- baked or partially executed plans, sold to them as a cheap alternative to a full brand strategy gameplay. That’s why I started Personal Brands Media company. We want to be their “marketing team.” We want to be their fully outsourced solution so that they can do what they do best. Are you ready to take a leap of faith? If you are, call us. We are ready!

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